Gary Salisbury

Horror Story learner Complete!



I have just found out that a learner we had we have reported as completed the learning aim and done EPA in 2021, actually hadn't taken the EPA.

He is now asking to do the EPA, my instinct is that i should return the record this month and alter the outcome to code 8 - Activities Complete, outcome not known.

He has also changed employers so would that be problematic?




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Ruth Canham-James

Were they entered as a pass? If so, what achievement date was used?

When in 2021? If on or after 1st August, then yes switch to 1/8. If it was before 1st August, I'd say contact ESFA. If you reported a pass, that'll be in the PLR which will need resolving, and you can't do that by changing the ILR if it was in a closed year, so you'd have to contact the LRS too. If you coded it as a fail, and will now report a pass, less of a PLR issue.

The employer change may or may not be an issue. If you already mistakenly claimed the completion element, that's something ESFA will have to advise on as they may want to claw it back, but if it was in last year, they'd do that manually, so there would be nothing left in the band maximum to charge a new employer.