Teresa Barnacle

PLR/LRS "Award Date" Missing


Morning all,

Can I use a learners PLR as evidence for FS English if the Grade = "PA Pass", Outcome = "Achieved" but the "Award Date" is missing ?

The learner doesn't have a copy of the certificate, but the provider and awarding body are detailed on the PLR.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Ruth Canham-James

Any data in the PLR that came from ILR data (or NPD I guess) rather than the awarding body, won't have an award date. As long as the grade is a pass, and/or the Outcome is Achieved, you can accept it.

The complication comes when the ILR data was entered by a provider who chooses not to enter a grade for qualifications that are a straight pass/fail, as the grade is not technically required as you indicate the pass/fail using the Outcome field. So you do need to also check Outcome, as a blank grade could also be a pass.

Teresa Barnacle

Thanks Ruth