Keli Burns

Post 16 Monitoring Reports



Does anyone know if the latest period shows the queries up to date or do you have to ensure that each period is zero queries or just the latest period ? Confused about how these reports work :(





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Martin West

Reported items may not be errors but you need to check and correct where necessary, see the following guidance.

Financial assurance: monitoring post-16 funding - GOV.UK (


Ruth Canham-James

If you don't fix them, or they're not fixable, they will show up the following month, it's cumulative.

We have loads of things on those reports that aren't errors. If you get anything in FRM27, that's definitely not fixable unless you genuinely made a mistake with your end date, and it was actually in the current year rather than a previous one. We just export to excel, make notes against each row that didn't require a correction, and then compare with next month. We transfer notes onto the next month list where the row is still there, then work on new things.