Charlotte Carlin

Negotiated price reduction for prior attainment


Hi all,

When applying a training cost reduction to account for prior attainment, does the reduction happen on the whole training cost - or do we deduct the 20% achievement payment before reducing the cost?
For example, if the training cost is £10,000 and we are reducing by 5% for prior attainment do we take 5% off the £10,000 or 5% off £8000 (which is the £10,000 - 20% achievement payment).




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Martin West

The total training costs TNP 1, the TNP 2 EPA costs are separate not to be confused with the funding 80%/20% split

Charlotte Carlin

Hi Martin,

That's great - thank you so much for your help.

Ruth Canham-James

This is a really common misconception, driven I think by the fact that many EPAOs choose to charge exactly 20% of the band maximum for the EPA, because the guidance says "It is expected that the cost of the assessment will not usually exceed 20% of the funding band maximum". We do have many that charge less than that.

TNP 2 is the Assessment price, it's what you'll be paying the EPAO. So, as Martin says, if you're agreeing a reduction to your Training price, that's just on TNP 1.

Charlotte Carlin

Hi Ruth,

Totally makes sense, thank you so much for your response.