Nadine Baister

EPAO charging VAT on EPA



We have an EPAO, who I am in the middle of contracting with, and they have VAT included in the price. I have said VAT cannot be charged on EPA. 

To remove the VAT charge, they want me to complete a VAT exemption form - stating as an educational institution we are exempt from VAT, then they'll remove it from the contract. 

I have tried to explain that this shouldn't be my job to provide this exemption declaration - as the EPAO on the register, they should be addressing the VAT issue. 

I'm starting to doubt myself .... 

Any thoughts? 


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I am not sure about an exemption declaration part but you could always refer them to the funding rules, P237 which states: Supplies of training or end-point assessment, which are paid by government funding, including the apprenticeship levy, are exempt from VAT.

That might suffice for evidence for them (Hopefully)