Ruth Canham-James

Placements Crossing Academic Years



PSM says;

If a work experience placement takes place across the teaching year boundary of 31 July/1 August, then you must record a Learning planned end date of 31 July for the learning aim to be recorded in the current year’s ILR.

The hours recorded for the individual work placement(s) on this aim should only include the hours up to and including 31 July.

A new work experience aim with a Learning start date of 1 August 2021 will need to be recorded in the 2021 to 2022 ILR and a new work placement record added. The new work placement record must include the planned hours remaining for the work placement from 1 August 2021 onwards.

I'll ignore that the 22/23 PSM guidance still refers to Aug 2021.Does that apply to T levels and CDF Industry Placements as well as Work Experience? It's under the section headed "Work Placement Entity", which includes mentions of Industry Placements.


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