Peter Keating

When would you not use ZZ99 9ZZ for training done on MS Teams


We have a sub-contractor querying why we are using postcode ZZ99 9ZZ for their programmes that they deliver 50% of it over  Teams. 

Our reply as stated in the ILR spec "Where provision is delivered away from a learning centre, for example distance or e-learning, the following code should be entered: ZZ99 9ZZ." But their reply was they was that the delivery model they adopt is not Distance Learning rather its classified as Blended Learning and has got through Audit.

So when would you not use ZZ99 9ZZ for when over 50% is delivered  as MicroSoft Teams Session and classified as Blended learning? And if we are not using ZZ99 9ZZ what postcode do we use?



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Martin West

It is still distance learning so you must record ZZ99 9ZZ where it is over 50%, see definition.

Distance Learning

Learning that is delivered remotely rather than face-to-face. For example, e-learning and webinars.


Peter Keating

Thank you for confirming what we thought we were doing as being correct