Year End Claim - 16-18 Traineeships


We've been asked to submit a year end forecast funding claim before 4pm, but the submit learner data won't let us do this because we do not hold a contract for the following, even though we hold a 16-18 Traineeship contract:

  • grant funded - ESFA funded Adult Education Budget (AEB) (Adult Skills, Community Learning, 19 to 24 Traineeships and National Skills Fund Level 3 Adult Offer)
  • grant funded - Advanced Learner Loans Bursary (ALLB)
  • 16 to 19 education

Am I right in thinking that this isn't something we need to do?



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Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi Adam

 Thank you for your post. 

Please can you raise a ticket through our online webform or get in touch with your TT to have this investigated. 

Thank you,

 Henry W


Henry Wish - Thank you - I have raised a ticket and have also contacted our TT.

Chris Roberts

If it doesn't sit in the submit learner data section under funding claims then you may not have to submit one?

Although your traineeship funds would come from your 16-19 contract?