Richard Heath

Discretionary Learner Support: full funding and exam fees


I have seen information from different sources regarding Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF) claims in relation to fully-funded learning aims. These seemed to imply that the cost of exam fees can be claimed under DLSF if not already included in the full funding rate (i.e. where full funding is 2 x the co-funded rate, but not greater). Is anyone able to confirm or clarify? Thanks.


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No. We cannot charge fully funded AEB learners exam fees (or anything else), so "claiming" it from LSF is a fiddle. It's not about the funding rate, it's a clear rule:

You must not make compulsory charges relating to the direct costs of delivering a learning aim to learners we fully fund, including those with a legal entitlement to full funding for their learning. Direct costs include any essential activities or materials without which the learner could not complete and achieve their learning.

Richard Heath

Thanks Steve. That has always been my own understanding.