Rachel Jobes

End/ Achievement dates


Hi, we previously entered learning actual end dates, completion status of 2. The learner has completed their learning but is awaiting their EPA. We also entered an outcome indicator of 8. 

Originally we received this error message "The Achievement date must be returned". Our third-party software advised us to change the completion status to 1. 

We now receive 2 other errors - Rule Name - "CompStatus_02", Error Message "The Learning actual end date must not be returned for this Completion status" AND then error Rule Name - "R123", Error Message "The learner is continuing or intending to continue, therefore do not return the 'Date applies to' for the latest ACT record". 


Can anyone advise, we constantly have problems around completion dates and end dates.



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Martin West

It is different for the programme aim this must continue to be reported as completion status 1 when they complete training and are awaiting the EPA but with the outcome as 8 until they complete.

Once EPA is completed you update the outcome, Achievement date and the Date applies to.

Component aims are reported as completed 2 in the normal way.


So, for a Prog Aim, these are the steps:

At Gateway:

CompStatus 1, Outcome 8, ActEndDate [gateway date], AchDate Blank, ACT To Date Blank

On Completion of EPA:

CompStatus 2, Outcome 1 (pass) or 3 (fail), ActEndDate [gateway date], Achdate [completion of EPA date], ACT To Date [completion of EPA Date]

NB This will cause the Very Annoying *warning* LearnDelFAMDateTo_02 to trigger, it can be safely ignored (we've been trying to get rid of it for three years!).