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Study Programme - Additional Hours/Tuition Fund


Good morning all

Does anyone know if the tuition fund on 16-19 is being phased out by the additional hours for 22/23?

We are currently looking at our 16-19 delivery plans for August 22 and are slightly confused around what funds we should use to prioritize for learners that need extra support with Maths. 

As the bandings are moving up 40 hours should we be using the additional hours first or should we be utilisiing the tuition fund as we have done this year? We normally deliver 60 GLH for Maths then if the learner fails their exam we add on the additional support session/hours to give the learner extra support through an additional Maths tutor. 

Also there is information on the guidance around;

Minimising the administrative burden has been our priority in developing reporting structures. Institutions should record delivery of qualification and non-qualification hours in ILR or census returns against each student in receipt of additional hours and a delivery report for the institution overall.

To minimise the administrative burden on institutions, end of year reports should be ideally one page but no more than 2 pages in length. We will provide further advice on how to submit reports in summer term 2022.

Does anyone know when information will be released?






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NO! We're definitely getting BOTH for 22/23. Details of 22/23 Tuition fund here:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) 16 to 19 tuition fund guidance 2022 to 2023 - GOV.UK (

(confusingly it says that it will be automatically rolled over for those who had it this year, but I'm sure we had to opt in again?)

Main difference I think is that the extra 40 hours:

a. have to be for everyone, regardless of GCSE E&M grades or deprivation

b. can be delivered in "normal" group sizes, rather than small group

So, it's planning a bigger programme for all and then, on top of that, continued small group support for E&M and deprived learners.


No sign of the guidance for the report (which we won't submit until END of 22/23 anyway) yet.

Chris Roberts

HI Steve if you had tuition fund this year you have to opt out for next, which I doubt anyone would do.

Question for me is then do you just add the extra 40 hours onto the original 60 GLH for every learner on maths?

Then if you want that learner on 1-2-1 tuition fund you also add on the hours too?






(was sure we had to log in to a thing and *say* we didn't want to opt out, but here we are...)

I guess my question is what about all your learners who don't do maths? Although there is a focus on maths, there's no hard and fast rules on what we MUST use the extra hours for, adding it to Voc would seem perfectly reasonable to me.

But, yes, whatever the extra 40 is planned for, the 1-2-1/small group is on top after that. We're fortunate that *virtually everyone* is eligible, so we're looking to timetable it in from the start (not least so we can spend it all next year!!!).

Chris Roberts

My brain is exploding trying to understand how this is easing "the administrative burden".

I guess from an audit perspective you would need allocated the "additional hours" into a seperate session register to show that you have delivered it? Rather than just lump an extra 40 hours to a planned GLH of 60 for Maths?




Nah, I'd definitely go for just lumping them on. What they're going to do, I understand, is look at our average hours for FT in 21/22 and then, at the end of next year, look at the same to see how much it's gone up by and if it's not 40 we have to write a commentary explaining why.

For audit, you just need to show they've got 580+.

Chris Roberts

Yeah the agency has confirmed today that there is no need to add in any additional aims like we have done for 1-2-1 support. 

They're basically telling us to spend it or lose it on band 4 and 5's