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Hello all

Has anyone else used a single signature by an employer to agree multiple Commitment Statements for large Cohorts (40+ x learners, all starting their Apprenticeship on the same day?  The Commitment Statement would signpost (at the usual 'employer signature' location) to a document which contains all of the individual CS per learner and with an overarching single declaration and signature confirming agreement to the content of ALL of them at the bottom.  Obviously the individual CS would be kept in the relevant evidence's purely collating them all for the single employer signature.  Has anyone else tested this at audit?  What's your thoughts?


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Ben James

Understand the idea, but I'm not personally confident an auditor would like it.

P367 The evidence pack must include the following: 
P367.1 A copy of the current commitment statement signed and dated by the apprentice, employer, and main provider (and any previous versions).  

The commitment statements stored in the apprentice evidence packs in your scenario simply would not have been signed by the employer. I'm also a bit confused as to why they don't want to sign each one, considering they should be reviewing them individually anyway. If they've got to at least look at them (which they should) then surely a squiggle at the bottom of each one isn't a big ask?

Ben Cowdery

Thanks for your thoughts Ben...signing a single document for  3 x cohorts of 40+ throughout a single year together with the same for the AA means the employer is signing 240 documents just to get them a further 200 times for reviews and more for misc. purposes....approaching half a thousand signatures per year!

Ben James

It's definitely an administrative undertaking when you have regular cohorts of that size, but an auditor might say that you/the employer are treating the 'apprentices' as a collective, when actually this whole process is about apprentices as an individual. If an employer is saying they don't have time to look at/sign these documents per apprentice, then how can then be treating them as individuals? Reviews are especially personalised, so if a line manager/mentor isn't present/cannot sign.. how could an auditor deduce that the apprentice is receiving the feedback they need to progress?