Ben James

LSF/EAS query


The EAS guide suggests that;

57. When you can claim enough learning support funding through the ILR, you should not use the EAS. We expect you to use the EAS only when there is no alternative method to claim funding.

For example, a learner needs support for 2 months only; £100 in the first month and £200 in the second month equaling £300 in total. We expect you only to claim for 2 monthly payments of £150 in the ILR to cover the total cost; we do not expect you to claim £50 excess in the second month.

Do people read this as only being applicable to consecutive months, or can it be applied for any combination of months where support was delivered and LSF claimed? For instance, if we delivered support as below, could we use the £75 variance from January to offset all of April's and £25 from July's costs, meaning we'd only have to submit an EAS for July to the tune of £105



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Martin West

That is the aim of the principle as you can only claim LSF for the months it is delivered then any excess over the total amount can be claimed on EAS.