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In this paragraph in the AEB rules does before 1st April 2021 refer to having achieved another qualification in the offer list only or any other full level 3 (NSF list or not). I assumed any full level 3 but someone has queried it and now I'm doubting myself.

meet the unemployment or learners in receipt of low wage criteria and

  • if they already have an existing full Level 3 qualification or higher, or have achieved any other qualification included in the level 3 adult offer qualifications list (DfE list of qualifications approved for funding), that qualification must have been achieved before 1 April 2021 



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Ruth Canham-James

I think the 1st April 2021 refers just to the non-full quals in the offer, it specifically says "that qualification must have been achieved before 1at April 2021". Anyone who has achieved a full level 3 at any time wouldn't be eligible by that route.

Not 100% the same question, but when ESFA first split the prior attainment Level 3 options into 5 (non-full level 3) and 6 (full level 3), I pointed out that there were quals that could fall into both. A "QCF Diploma at level 3" sits in 6, but if that specific qual doesn't have legal entitlements, it falls into 5; "Vocational and technical qualifications at level 3 (not on the level 2 and level 3 legal entitlement list)". The answer I got back from the ESFA service desk was;

On checking the qualification out on Ofqual, it is clearly displayed as a Vocationally-Related Qualification, and is not in the legal offer where it would be classed as a full level. This means you will use code 5 as its available within 16-19 and loans offers only on LARs and FaLA. It is confusing because it mentions Full level 3 (code 6) when fullness is only attached to qualification that go into the legal offer.

"Fullness is only attached to qualification that go into the legal offer". That's a huge change to what constitutes Full Level 3, that went rather under the radar, and it means that if a student has a whole Level 3 Diploma, but it's never had legal entitlements, you code that as prior attainment 5, and they're eligible for funding for a first full level 3.


Kelly Knights

Ruth- why do you say full level 3s are not eligible?

They are but learners have to be unemployed or in receipt of low wage.

Sorry if I’m misreading your comment.


Ruth Canham-James

Ah, I misunderstood as you were talking about full level 3.