Karen Horsfall-Smith

Employer funding not reserved at start of programme


We have an issue where non-levy employers have not reserved funding at the start of the apprenticeship but where training has started and continued. 

So as not to disadvantage any apprentices and their training thus far, we made a decision to keep the start date as it was on our MIS system but to record another ACT and show Residual TNP.

For example - on a 12 months £10,000 apprenticeship with an EPA of £1,000 :-
01/08/2021 – Apprentice Start Date (no DAS reservation)
01/12/2021 – Non-Levy – funding reserved by employer

ACT 1 – 01/08/2021 to 30/11/2021 – ACT started and stopped – non funded
New ACT1 added starting 01/12/2021 (funding now reserved by employer in Dec 2021)

Original TNP-01 started 01/08/2021 £9,000 (Training)
Original TNP-02 started 01/08/2021 £1,000 (Assessment)
Added New TNP-03 and TNP-04 starting 01/12/2021 showing Residual Training & Assessment costs

This is causing Data Mismatches across both the ILR and DAS. 

Should we be putting £0.00 against the TNP-01 and TNP-02 and then either recording Residual costs (or full costs?) against the TNP-03 and TNP-04?

If we do not record the ACT1 01/08/2021-30/11/2021 then, surely, the start date will not correlate?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Martin West

No that will not work, best to ask service desk but I expect they will advise you can only claim funding from when funding was reserved, and you must use that as the start date.

Karen Horsfall-Smith

Thanks Martin - thought that might be the case...……..

Margaret Foster

Hi we had this problem and was told from the service desk we needed to restart the apprentice from the date funds were reserved - on a longer app standard we were told we could shorten the duration - on 12 months we had to restart