Peter Keating

GLA classing MS Teams as Classroom Learning & get Area Uplift


Sorry revisiting this from an earlier post as it is a slightly different question.

Has anyone come across the GLA classing MS Teams as Classroom Learning & can apply Area Uplift as per the postcode of the college? Apparently, from a training provider; they are saying that as a teacher can be seen this is classed in class learning. 

We are aware of the 10% GLA uplift for qualifications up to Level 2 and have been claiming that manually but we have never heard of this uplift applying to GLA funded qualifications because if this is the case then we could well have achieved our GLA contract now!



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Kelly Knights

This is so funny as I had a conversation with one of our new AEB subs recently regarding this who were very disappointed that they won’t  receive the 20% area uplift due to around 60% of their delivery being in a classroom setting but in zoom.

its always been the case (except during covid flexibilities) that the uplift relates to where the majority of delivery takes place and if that’s online you set up location as postcode Zz99 and receive no uplift.

Obviously if anyone else knows any different please advise