Tracey Grant

Redundancy and funding


We have two apprentices who started in 07/21 / due to end in 01/23. Their employer is making them redundant in 22/07/22 as the business is closing ,therefore we are expediting their delivery to complete them by 08/22, (they are looking for new employers but have yet to secure them). Questions:-

1. Does the employer put a stop on the funding / if so when? nb the Funding rules suggest it is stopped. 

2. However the  Provider Support Manual suggests that we leave the FAM type of ACT1 or ACT2 corresponding to the most recent employment in place without an end date, is this right?

3. In the ILR Provider support manual the guidance refers to a new employment status, Other Employment Type (OET), has been added to record employment types such as redundancy. We cannot see this new status on the ILR entry tool, only a box to tick for redundancy. 



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Martin West

1 Yes

2 Yes

3 No

Remember to use record them as Unemployed in employment status

Tracey Grant

Hi Martin

Thank you for your reply. 

Just to clarify on point 1, does the employer put a stop on funding at 1st July or 1st August given the date they are closing.

For point 3, do we tick the "has the learner been made redundant" box on the new employment record or the old one.

Many thanks

Martin West

1 the last day in learning or day of redundancy

2 the new Unemployed ES record

Tracey Grant

thank you for confirming