Sally Milner

Maytas-new reporting year question


Hi, I'm new to using Maytas and our institution has only begun using Maytas within this current year. I wondered if there was anything I needed to be aware of coming up to a new reporting year? And if there was anything I needed to do within Maytas to rollover to the new year?


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Ben James

Maytas will carry over anyone that needs to be carried over. I imagine there'll be a service pack update at some point soon which will account for the changes to the funding rules and any new/clarified fields/requirements, so make sure you've got someone in your organisation that can do that. If you're unsure, I'd raise a ticket with the Tribal service desk.

I would also join Tribal Communities as it's incredibly useful - Home (

This is also a useful resource - Maytas and e-track Online Help - Welcome to the Maytas and Maytas Hub help (