Sharon Toothill

Changing employer after planned end date



Just wondering if anyone had any advice on the following:

We have a learner who is beyond their planned end date but is still engaging with us and we are hopeful they will achieve.  The learner has now changed employer.  I think I understand what to update on the ILR but not clear on what to do on the DAS.  I've read an article which states that you can move the apprentice in the DAS to the new employer but it is asking for start and end dates.  I'm not sure what to enter as the start date with the new employer is after the original planned end date and the original planned end date has now past.  If I use the start date of when they actually changed employer and used a revised date for when we expect the apprentice to achieve, then they won't match the dates recorded on the ILR.  Any help will be appreciated!

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Martin West

The start date on DAS is the actual start date the Apprentice starts with the new employer and the end date is when you expect the EPA to be completed.

Note these dates are not recorded in the ILR as start or end dates but the start date in used for the new employment status record for the new employer.