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Apprentice reduces working hours


Hi All

If an apprentice changes employer and their working hours are reduced, do we re-calculate the minimum number of OTJ required? 

If the answer is yes, I know we do not change the Planned Hours in the ILR, so I assume we would need to create and complete a statement towards the end of the programme if the total completed is less than the hours required with first employer (which was higher) ?



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Ben James

  1. Yes, if the change is significant enough to have a material impact. You should document the discussion, in line with P333. If it isn't deemed to be significant, then no change is required, per P334/P334.1
  2. Yes, per P56/P57

Martin West

This is covered in the guidance:

Actions to take when there is a change to the working hours of the apprentice during the programme (e.g. an increase or a decrease to original working hours)

P295 If there is a change of circumstance during the programme, in relation to the working hours of the apprentice, you must discuss and agree, with the employer and apprentice, if this change has a material impact on the current training plan.

P296 You must document this discussion, which must include:

P296.1 Whether the apprentice can continue to study for the same volume of off-the-job training hours per week.

P296.2 Whether off-the-job training can still be delivered within the new working hours of the apprentice;

P296.3 Whether the ability of the apprentice to undertake end-point assessment is impacted; and

P296.4 Whether the programme is being changed as a result of this discussion.


P297 Where all parties agree that there is no material impact on the current training plan, the main provider:

P297.1 Must not amend the apprenticeship documentation (apprenticeship agreement, training plan, contract for services) or the ILR


P298 Where all parties agree that there is a material impact on the current training plan, the main provider:

P298.1 Must agree with the employer and apprentice how the change impacts on the duration.

P298.1.1 If moving from full-time to part-time, please see paragraph P33.2.

P298.1.2 If moving from part-time to full-time, the programme must still meet the minimum duration and off-the-job training requirements.


P298.2 Must work with the employer to extend the apprenticeship agreement.

P298.3 Must amend the apprenticeship documentation (training plan, contract for services) to outline the new expected end date.

P298.3.1 The off-the-job training hours that were agreed at the beginning of the programme do not change (unless, as part of the discussion, it is also agreed that additional training is appropriate because of the change of circumstance).


P298.4 Must not amend the ILR (the planned learning end date on the ILR does not change once it is submitted (with the exception of a data input error at the beginning of the programme)).

P298.4.1 Note that there are no changes required to the apprenticeship service