Claire Ford

Short duration after ILR transfer


One of our learners has managed to make life a bit complex. He left his employer for a period of one month before starting with his next employer. During that time we continued to teach him, so I've processed it as an ILR transfer to a non-funded period for that month. I've then processed another ILR transfer to get him back into being funded with his new employer. The trouble is that this last record has an expected end date which is within 12 months of him starting on it. Because it's an ILR transfer, I can't put a RES_1 on, but I'm getting an error message telling me that the duration is too short. Any suggestions on how I get round this please? TIA


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Martin West

I do not think the use of a transfer is appropriate in this case, it should have been a withdrawal and then restart as the Learner did not transfer to a new learning aim with the same provider.

Martin West


You should not have continued the OTJ training as it is a requirement that the apprentice must be employed throughout their apprenticeship, even when they take a BIL you must discontinue the OTJ training. For the period they were unemployed you cannot use evidence or OTJ training to count towards their Apprenticeship this applies to funded and unfunded apprenticeships.

You should only record in the ILR the time with the original employer and the restart with the new employer.


Claire Ford

Thanks Martin. I'll make sure we don't record any OJT for the period he wasn't funded.