Su Roberts

R106 FIS Error - 'there must not be more than one LSF record at the same time'


I have 11 of these errors, but in every case I have only input one lot of learning  support for each learner. This is our first year claiming support funding, any advice on what to do to clear them greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. 


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Martin West

At any point in time, a learner must not have more than one Learning support funding record 

Su Roberts

Apologies Martin, internet issues at work meant the message didn't come thorough. I have 11 FIS errors re R106 despite only adding one lot of learning support fund per learner. I am going to run it through the ILR to see if it is an issue with our MIS software, but before I'd thought of that I wanted to ask here if anyone else was getting this and how it can be solved where there is only one  funding claim per learner.


Su Roberts

No, I still have the errors, any idea what to do? In every case the learner has a FM10 course as well as a FM35, but the learning support FAM code is only on the learning delivery FAM tab for the FM35 course. where there is more than one FM35 course per learner, the Learning Support code has only been added to one of them. I have checked dates match to the course. The other FAMs I have on the Learning delivery FAM for the relevant course is a DAM code required by our devolved authority, FFI fully funded learning aim and the appropriate HHS code


I'd be tempted to open the actual XML and see if you can spot anything weird in there? Feels like yr student record system might be being "helpful" and adding the LSF to all aims?

Su Roberts

Thanks both for your help. Rookie error, I was adding to the enrol FAM tab rather than the aims FAB  tab, and so it was applying it to all aims associated with the enrol.