Bill Smith

Self declarations for EU settlement




As per paragraph 38.1 of the AEB funding rules we gather information and learner's self declare their settlement status in the UK. Would this self declaration suffice as evidence or would evidence need to be seen to confirm there eligibility?

Or where this has been seen but the code not recorded would the self-dec suffice?



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Kelly Knights

I know Steve and others will probably say yes.

My only concern is that the rules state they must also have been resident in Uk/EU on 31Dec2020( the deadline for claimants to apply for EUSS.) I’m not sure a tick box on a form is strong enough evidence to support this. Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s not something we would allow but I don’t create our residency policies.


Bill Smith

Thanks for your reply. 

Normally we would view evidence and list this on the forms however we've had a query where evidence has been viewed but not listed with the codes therefore they were querying if the self-dec would suffice.

Kelly Knights

Apologies, I completely misread the first part of your post.  Yes, you would have a problem there as you need to know the hold the status, as they are technically illegal if they dont.