Study Programme Hours


Some of our Study Programme learners have days where they work remotely, their work will be set by their tutor in the morning and they will complete self-study during the day. The tutor will then check in with them at the end of the day to check work has been completed and mark it. Can we include these hours in our planned hours? Or does the learner need to be supervised all day before these hours count? These days are planned and timetabled at the beginning of the programme.


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Chris Roberts


Should be fine as long its timetabled and you have the attendance records for audit. 

100. Planned hours are those that are directly related to the student’s study 
programme and that: 
a. are timetabled, organised and/or supervised by the institution
b. take place in line with the institution’s normal working pattern


Yeah, it's the and/or that's the get out clause I think (like with work exp)? You'd have to be careful how you set it up though, wouldn't expect them to have like 6 hours a day for it necessarily?


That's great, thank you both for your help.