Steve Bowler

Redundant Apprentice



      Not sure if anybody has had this situation before. We have a member of staff who has been made redundant, however as they are a few months away from completing their Apprenticeship we have planned to continue to support her through to completion. Following the funding rules, we believe that we are able to do this, however she has now found employment but they are not willing to fund the remaining of her programme.

The rules say that we can continue to support her whilst she isn’t in employment but that the new employer would be responsible for the funding once she started that job, however as they are not happy to fund the final part of her Apprenticeship is it acceptable for us as the Training Provider (and old employer) to continue to finish her Apprenticeship and receive the funding using the existing details in DAS? The new employer is willing to give her time for the 20% OTJ etc, just not put her through DAS…




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Martin West

They may be employed as in the following:

P303.8 If the apprentice takes a job with an employer which is not related to their apprenticeship, we will continue to fund them as per paragraph P303.2.

The principle is they may be employed by another employer with whom they are not an apprentice, but they will continue to fund you to completion.


Steve Bowler

Thanks for the reply Martin, I did see that funding rule but I believe the job role with the new employer could technically be related to the Customer Service Apprenticeship (as in the role is similar), however she isn't actually employed as an Apprentice...