Ruth Canham-James

New OET 3 - Employer has changed



Can anyone explain what this means, and when it would be used, and on which record? It makes no sense to me at all.

Code 3 is used where the employer has changed from the previous employer. If a subsequent employment status record is returned after the change of employer (for example where the employment intensity has changed) then this indicator must not be return for that employment status.

Presumably this only relates to apprentices, though it doesn't say that.


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I'm pretty sure this is an "oh no, we've killed EDRS but now we're confused when learners have two EmpStat records with different EIIs and we don't know if it's at the same place or somewhere different" workaround?

Martin West

Only used when change from the previous employer.

Ruth Canham-James

I still don't get what they're fundamentally asking us to do, and it what circumstances. Every apprentice that changes employer mid apprenticeship has this recorded on the first employment history? What if they finish an apprenticeship, then change employer, then start another apprenticeship? Is this for anyone other than apprentices? I assume there will eventually be some other guidance that connects to this? It's not in the PSM.

Martin West

I do not believe that the PSM has been updated to include code 3, it is expected that this would be used for a change of employer during their current programme only and is required as the EmpId may not contain a valid entry and this confirms a change of employer for funding purposes in DAS.