Maria Reason

AEB 10%


Hi all

I am aware that the over performance threshold for AEB was 3% and I am lead to believe that this is now 10% could you tell me if this is correct please or send me a link to the guidance?

Also, if over performance is only evident in envelope 2, would the 10% be based on this envelope or the entire AEB contractual value please? 



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Maria Reason

Thanks Martin, do you know if the 10% is based on envelopes or overall values?

Martin West

What do you mean by envelops?

Maria Reason

Hello Martin, sorry I mean the allocation timeframes such as the below. Sorry I automatically use this terminology, thanks for your help as always 

Aug 21 - Mar 22 Apr 22 - Jul 22

Alison Robinson


Does anybody know if you are contract funded and you go over your allocation when you get paid for this?

Would it be in the July payment or after R14 is submitted