Jessica Sanderson

Minimum Duration


Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice - I am having one of those good old brain freeze moments.

I have 2 questions and would love to know your thoughts/suggestions.

1/ We typically deliver a 12 month qualification over 15 months - we have a potential learner with RPL - would we work the duration out based on 12 months or our typical delivery duration?

2/ We have another learner who we are looking to reduce funding for as they have been in post for a while who would require some upskill to achieve all the KSBs (they know bits but not all to attain for the qual) - can you reduce one without the other (so reduce funding but leave duration or visa versa?)

Like why can't they include FAQs in the Funding Rules lol. (I know they'd end up writing a book but still)


Anyway thank you for taking the time to look and advise.




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Ruth Canham-James

1 - Yes, we generally reduce durations due to RPL based on our own "normal" durations for a given Standard. However, we do adjust durations for other reasons. If we'd already agreed a different duration for a reason other than RPL, I'd probably apply the RPL reduction to that duration. However...

2 - Duration reductions are not a fixed calculation. You definitely don't have to reduce durations when you reduce the price. For example, you may have a mandatory qual where it's a fixed classroom based plan for a whole cohort and we can't deliver that quicker for one apprentice. There's a good bit in this guidance;

There may be circumstances where content of the training programme is not needed, but it is impractical to reduce the overall duration of the apprenticeship, for example because the apprentice is learning alongside other apprentices who still need that off-the-job training content. If the overall duration is not reduced the programme must still meet the minimum requirements of the off-the-job-training policy (for the full apprenticeship programme’s duration) and the minimum duration of the funded apprenticeship. If the employer and apprentice agree that they should not attend the unfunded elements of the programme, the apprentice must remain involved in active learning, as required by the funding rules.

Ruth Canham-James

Also, I guess you could reduce a duration but not price, if you thought there was no RPL, but the employer and apprentice want to fast track. You'd still have to meet the minimum duration, and to give the apprentice the full OTJ delivery, you'd want to deliver more than 20% OTJ over their shortened duration.

Jessica Sanderson

Thank You Ruth Canham-James - much appreciated :) Think reading all these new rules and changes had fried my head and i started doubting myself.