Karen Fone

Updated Provider Support Manual (PSM) OET 3........


The Summary of Change section in the PSM for 22/23 states that the below has been updated for OET 3.


However I cannot locate the updated section for OET 3 - has anyone managed to find it?


Type of change: Additional Guidance

Details: Additional guidance has been added to the Recording employment status for apprenticeships section to include the new OET 3 code and when it is used

Many thanks





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I agree it's not there (this isn't a lot of help, I realise, beyond knowing you're not alone!)

Jane Bloch

Hi - it has now magically appeared.  It says

"From the 01/08/2022 a new employment status monitoring code (OET 3) has been introduced and should be used in the ILR to record where a change of employer has occurred, where both the previous and new Employer Identifiers are 999999999, because neither the previous nor the new employers have employer numbers on the Employer Data Service."

Ruth Canham-James

It still doesn't say which employment history record should be OET 3. The old one or the new one? Since OET 1 (redundancy) gets recorded on the new employment history record (that says unemployed), I assume the same applies for OET 3, to show that it's a new employer? So if an apprentice changes employer twice, OET 3 will be recorded against employers 2 and 3, but not 1.

What if the apprentice then progresses to a new Standard with the same employer? Do we artificially need a new Employment History record without OET 3? Like we do when an apprentice progresses from an app that was eligible for small employer funding, to an app that's not, because they've since turned 19? 

I asked ESFA about the updates not showing up, and they said refresh your browser, it might have cached old stuff.