Lisa White

2022/23 ILR application



Does anyone have any idea when the latest ILR (2022/23) will be released for us to download? 




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Chris Roberts

HI Lisa 

Do you mean the ILR specification? Or do you mean ILR from your MIS system? Or the ILR entry tool from the ESFA?



Richard Phipps

Lisa, did you mean the FIS software for 22/23? I'm wondering when that will be available too..


Lisa White

Hi Richard,


I use the FIS tool too so need both but would like to know when the ILR Learner Entry Tool 2022 to 2023 is available. Currently the latest version for download is for "Academic Year 2021 to 2022" version 2122.2. 



Chris Roberts

Martina Curran

Is there an answer as to when the ESFA ILR Learner Entry Tool 2022/2023 will be available?  Thanks.

Lisa White

Hi Martina,

I have been checking this and referred back to when the past academic years have been released. 2019-2020 was released 23/8/2019; 2020-2021 was released 4/8/2020 and 2021-2022 was released 11/8/2021. I am assuming it could be anytime, there does not seem to be any set pattern so we just need to keep checking the Submit Learner Database daily I guess.  


Keith Saynor

The FIS 22/23 application is now available but no sign of the ILR Entry Tool yet.