Henry Wish (ESFA)

Traineeship Employer Incentive – updating the ILR prior to R14


The Traineeships employer incentive will come to an end on the 31st July 2022. Employers will have until 16th December 2022 to submit their claims for this incentive.


For employers to successfully claim the employer incentive, training providers must ensure that their ILR records are completed accurately so claims can be verified.


The following errors have been identified in the R11 submission, if these are not corrected, we cannot verify and approve any of the claims that may be submitted, and this is likely to result in non-payment of the incentive.


  • No end date for the work placement activity: there must be a start and end date recorded in the work placement record for each work placement (this is a separate field to the work placement learning aim which must also include the start and end date). The correct postcode location must also be recorded and must match the data supplied by the employer claiming the incentive.


  • Start and End Dates less than 10 days: we have examples of 70 hours placements with the same start and end date recorded e.g. start date 01/06/2022 end date 01/06/2022 hours recorded 70 hours . This does not meet the requirement; we verify using the duration and also the hours.


If the ILR remains incorrect or is missing information at R14 the employer will not be able to claim their incentive. Further information can be found at Traineeships: framework for delivery 2021 to 2022 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


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