Jessica De Melo

Query escalation within ESFA


Hi Everyone,

Does anybody have any suggestions for escalating a query within ESFA? We have an odd DLOCK error that we queried as part of the R07 submission and despite numerous chasing emails to the service desk we have still not heard back.

R14 is drawing closer and we are worried this will not be resolved in time through no fault of our own!



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Ben James

Not sure how you've raised the queries up to now, but I've actually found emailing the service desk ( rather than submitting them via the web form to be quicker. Short of that, maybe try emailing your account manager? 

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good morning Jessica De Melo,

 I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

We have checked your enquiry and it is with the Apprenticeship Service team, not the ESFA Service Desk. You should have received an email about 30 minutes ago regarding your enquiry.

Have a great day Jessica, 


Jessica De Melo

Henry Wish Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately I did not receive anything from the Apprenticeship Service Team on Monday in relation to the enquiry.