Tracy Clement

Planned programme hours for apprentices 2022-23



we are in the process of looking at all the planned training hours for our apprenticeship programmes in line with the new OTJT rules and we have a problem.

Easy using our software to amend to meet all those on full time as now a consistent 30 hours regardless. Great. But for those on part time hours they could need significantly more hours. As we only have the option to put one number in for the programme we don't know what to do.

We could add contingency activities for part timers and exempt the full timers but would have nothing to put into these extra hours which we are not comfortable with and don't think Ofsted would be either.

Any ideas please?


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Ruth Canham-James

The Planned OTJ hours should be worked out for every apprentice on a case by case basis. If they're employed 30 hours a week or more, they need just 6 hours a week (for 46.4 weeks a year). For part timers, you still need to deliver 20% OTJ as in previous years, it's not significantly more hours. P44 in the latest rules.

I'm not sure what you mean by "we only have the option to put one number in for the programme". Nothing should be planned on a one size fits all basis. We've never had a default planned OTJ hours per programme, though we generally have an average planned duration, which won't fit anyone with RPL.


Tracy Clement

Thanks Ruth, sadly we can programme plan with a set number, the apprentices all have their own OTJT individually calculated and shown but the programme planned OTJ is what shows up in the Training Plan. I think I will have to clone the programmes for all variations.


Ruth Canham-James

We just wouldn't ever have a programme planned OTJ, and definitely wouldn't have it on the training plan, as that should be individual. We might have a fixed classroom delivery value within each plan, as those are often fixed.