Orlene Wilkes

LearnDelFAMType_110 Errors


Run the R12 and a new error has appeared - LearnDelFAMType_110 affecting our Level 3's only.  We do not have the MCA/GLA contracts and the courses are valid for 16-19, AEB etc. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Version Status Rule Name Rule Description
6 new LearnDelFamType_110 If the aim has LARS category code 'Free Courses for Jobs – MCA and GLA only flexible delivery qualifications' then the Source of funding indicator must be a Combined Authority.

error where LearningDelivery.LearnAimRef = LARS_LearnAimRef and LARS_CategoryRef  = 56 and DD35 = N





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Richard Phipps

We have these too, but just as Warnings and not as Errors. I think the ESFA have tweaked the logic and it's triggering incorrectly.

Orlene Wilkes

Sorry I did mean warnings. At least I am not alone.

Eleanor Piper

I am also getting these for the majority of my learners including lots where there are no changes since R11.  Does anyone know if this is definitely an ESFA issue?

Orlene Wilkes

I have asked the helpdesk, just awaiting a reply.

Eleanor Piper

Thanks Orlene, I have asked too

Gareth Heald

I have these as errors in 22/23 R01, against 2 apprentices who have been on their aim since 20/21.

Matthew Syrett

I also have the same warning against 5 of our Level 3 learners. Have others with the same issue gone ahead with the upload as its only a warning or are you waiting for a response from the helpdesk?

Orlene Wilkes

I have uploaded as only a warning. Not holding my breath on a reply.

Eleanor Piper

I've checked my data again and run it through FIS (these warnings aren't appearing there) so I have gone ahead and submitted.  Seeing a few people here with the same issue makes me more convinced that it's a problem with the ESFA verification rather than with my data.

Orlene Wilkes

Response from Helpdesk

LearnDelFAMType_110 is only a warning within the ILR data and will not affect any funding for learners. We have raised this warning with our technical team and no changes are required in the ILR data.

Eleanor Piper

I've had the following response from the helpdesk this morning - I'm not sure what it means though if I am honest!  Can anyone interpret?

The ILR team are aware of this issue and a clause has been added to change this rule to include LDM 378 and will be implemented for R01/R13.

Once LDM 378 code is included in the rule, it will resolve the adult skills validity issue.

Shilpe Bibi

We have 149 of these under the following aims. The new catergory refs were created on 4th July.  


We have them set as FM99.  They were warnings up until midday today and now they are errors. Not sure how I can resolve these now.  

Yolanda De Luca

Ours are errors too now! The majority of these are already FM99 and most of them don't even have a loan. The recently added Category has an effective from date of the 01/04/22, all our learners started before this date so even with this added category, I can't understand why these would error.

Eleanor, I'm not sure what the ESFA's reply means either, none of ours are LDM 378, so I don't think this added clause is going to make any difference at all.

As this stands, I don't think I can do anything to correct the errors.

Richard Phipps

We are now getting these as errors instead of warnings, and most of them are FM25 for us.


Orlene Wilkes

Same for us, now got 646 errors against FM25 and FM99. So much for fixing.

Richard Phipps

Ok, Orlene.. you win! :/

Eleanor Piper

Further response from the Helpdesk today which sounds more relevant to me (none of my learners are LDM 378):

The ILR team are aware of this issue and a clause has been added to change this rule which will be implemented for R01/R13.
 Once this is included in the rule, it will resolve all of the current the validity issues for this rule - including for Adult skills and FM36 learners.

Orlene Wilkes

Hope they remember the FM25's as well. They do like to keep us on our toes....

Richard Phipps

Just started seeing this error pop up this morning. Anyone else getting this again?

A bit fed up of this now..