Lorna McMeekin

ILR - Standards - Non-regulated qualifications


When registering a learner on a standard we register with ZPROG and whatever Functional Skills are required.  Should we also be inputting the code for the non-regulated qualification which shows against the standard on LARS/FALA?


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Ruth Canham-James

You only have to enrol them on a Z00 code if there are no other mandatory, or English or maths, components. We just add it to everyone as it's easier. It's just an admin fudge to get around the rules that say you can't have an open programme aim with no component aims. I assume they'll remove the requirement once Frameworks are fully done and dusted.


Ruth's right, but I wouldn't bet on it going away any time soon. ZPROG is a programme so it needs a component or SO MANY THINGS will break...