Jennifer Donnellan

Teacher Apprenticeship -OTJ in summer?



I'm just looking for clarification for teachers. We have a learner who is seeking to do some learning over the summer holidays, since they are a teacher this would essentially be their time off. The Funding rules indicate that people on contracts such as this wouldn't be expected to go on a BIL in learning over the summer, no learning is expected at this time. My question is: can a learner still study over the summer? I would assume not as this is their own time and it wouldn't account towards the 20%?





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Ruth Canham-James

We're planning some intensive summer delivery for teaching assistant apprentices. It's clearly documented in our plan. Now we're supposed to treat term time only as full time, I can't see how anyone could complain. Nobody dictates to us when annual leave falls for any other apprentices.

Sarah Kelly

Our teachers collect off the job over the holidays as they don`t have term time only contracts. Their hours are over the year. I think most teachers are on the same type of contract.