Louise Lindsay

Reduction in OTJH but not Programme Length


If an apprentice has RPL of a particular unit and isn’t required to complete the OTJHs for this, how does this affect the calculation if their programme isn’t being reduced due to them being on a degree apprenticeship? Will you be penalised for the calculation showing less than the required OTJH for the duration of the programme even though you can’t include previous learning in the OTJ calculation?


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Martin West

The problem is the must in the following:

P25.4.1 The reduction of off-the-job training hours must translate to a reduction in duration and in the total negotiated price. (If you cannot reduce the duration, you must still meet the minimum requirements of the off-the-job training policy for the full duration of the apprenticeship that you have reported to us in the ILR).

As the above does accept you may not be able to reduce the duration and the validation for RPL hours to be entered in DAS does allow a value of zero then it is assumed that this would be applicable to fixed length delivery durations such as degree delivery where you cannot reduce the duration.

Clarification from the ESFA on this would be helpful.


Ruth Canham-James

If there's RPL, you have to reduce the price. If you can't/don't want to reduce the duration as well, you just have to accept that you still need to deliver the full OTJ, despite not claiming funding for full delivery. You definitely can't deliver less than the required 6 hours a week for the planned duration. The minimum OTJ is based on duration alone, it's not directly linked to RPL. There was a discussion about it here.