Terry Howard

Off the Job Hours - Pre and Post August 2022


1) For the OTJ can someone to give us the methodology for calculating 20% OTJ for;

  • AY 2021/22
  • AY 2022/23

Our calculator for AY 2021/22 seems to be 1 hour out compared to ESFA auditor, even though it resembles the ESFA calculator for OTJ. 

2)  Also, how many decimal places are needed for the planned duration and annual leave? We are unsure if auditors work by decimal places or if they round to nearest whole number.

3) Has there been a calculator published by ESFA for new starts as of August 2022?


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Hi Terry

If you're running at exactly 365 days for Apps on 31 hours a week (or part-timers I think) the PDSAT report has a fit because, for reasons only known to themselves, KPMG made the report so it counts THE NUMBER OF SUNDAYS between start and end date, not just days divided by 7, so you will get these edge cases where it's marginally different. This is not an official calculation because there is no official calculation...

I'd always round up OTJ to the next hour cos then you're definitely over 20%.