Terry Howard

Prior Learning Query


Following the assessment of a learners PLR, it shows that they completed and achieved a L5 Ops Management qualification 10 years ago. They have recently applied to complete a L5 Ops Management Apprenticeship with us.  

The learner has stated that they didn't achieve the qualification and that it must be a mistake. Should the awarding body come back without a definitive solution, and the learner adamant that they didn't achieve, would the prior learning on PLR make them illegible for programme? 

Or would there be a way for us to accept the learner onto our provision?

If so would the correspondence from awarding body and a self declaration from learner provide suitable evidence to overrule PLR? 


Thank in advance - I've not had to deal with a scenario like this before on apprenticeships. 


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I'm assuming the qual they've (potentially!) got isn't a mandatory qual for the Standard? Either way, I'd want a super-detailed, very honest skills scan from the learner and their employer (ie have they been managing for the last ten years?). Also, worth pointing out that PLR has a bunch of junk from the ILR in, just because something is there *unless it's from the AO* doesn't mean it's achieved...

Remember RPL is kind of basically not about achieved quals at all (because so few standards have mandatory ones), it's about the KSBs a learner has...