Ibrahim Mayat

R14: Submitting exam results and grades awaiting EQA



We have some accredited courses which have just completed and grades haven't been confirmed yet by an EQA visit. The visit is scheduled in December. Do we need to submit all grades by R14? And if so, what would we do in the above scenario?

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Terry Howard

Hey Ibrahim,

If I'm not mistaken;

  1. If the achievement or completions are dated on or after 01/08/2022 then you should be fine as these claims will fall into the new academic year so will not be affected by R14 (hard close).
  2. If the achievement or completions are dated 31/07/2022 or prior then yes, they would be affected by R14. In this case, you would need to try and get a quicker EQA visit and stress that funding is at risk. 

Hope this helps 

Ibrahim Mayat

Thanks; they are all before 31/7/22 so will have to get onto the awarding bodies. :-)


Yeah, no, you need that EQA by 18th October (to allow you to get it in the ILR by the 20th).