Emma Orr

PDSAT SQL Server Help!


Hi All

I'm having problems getting onto PDSAT- I keep getting an error message to say the SQL server instance that I have selected is invalid.

I have followed advise on a previous post about this (changing the SQL settings as advised in the post etc.) but no luck - I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still not working!

Is there a helpdesk I can contact at all or can anyone offer any further guidance please? I'm no computer genius so this talk of an SQL server is a bit much for me!


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Terry Howard

Open your PDSAT application and select the "email PDSAT helpdesk":

Once you click on this it will open 2 windows:

  • Documents - showing log files "DSAT_LogFile_All" will need to be attached to the email window
  • Email window with the help desk email address in place (DSATheldesk@kpmg.co.uk)

They will be able to send you instructions on what to do - might be worth having a member of your IT team to review with you.
I came across the same problem and this is how i resolved it, hope this helps.


Lyn J

I had the same problem , I had to get the IT department to assist in the end, I changed PC's I think they had to change the settings to be able to download the correct sql,  good luck