Henry Wish (ESFA)

Using Twitter to contact ESFA


Did you know that the ESFA customer service team are also able to respond to enquiries through Twitter?

We are currently running a pilot to explore the use of Twitter to interact with customers. You can contact us privately through our Twitter channel @esfagov using the direct messaging (DM) function. We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have about this service.


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Ben James


Why on earth do we have to DM if it's a general query? Why can't the account just engage? That is, after all, the point of *social* media.

It's a joke that @esfagov has only replied to two tweets THIS YEAR...

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good morning,

We are asking the sector to use the DM function for this pilot on Twitter as many questions we receive contain information that should not be shared publicly. Thanks for your feedback, we will be reviewing all feedback as part of the pilot.