Zaheer Patel

Practical Period Payments


Hello All, Silly question.....

If a learner begins learning on 1st September 2022 with a practical period end date of 12th April 2025. The last OPP payment for the learner would be March 2025 right, and not April 2025?

In this case, we would be looking at 30 OPP payments and opposed to 31. 


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Ruth Canham-James

It's 31 OPP as opposed to 32. You get OPP divided between Sep 22 to Mar 25 inclusive.

If the Planned End Date were 30th April 2025 (last day of the month), April would get counted too, and it would be 32. You count every month where the student is expected to be in learning on the last day of that month.