Clare Hancock

Supported Internship


Hello.  We are delivering Supported Internships for the first time in 22/23.  Please can anyone advise if they need a ZPROG001 wrap around aim?  Also are the aim types the same as a Traineeship? 

Aim type 5 = main aim.  Aim type = 3 all other aims.  Aim type 1 = Zprog (if needed) 

Thanks in advance 


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Anna Strelow


You don't need ZPROG but you do need to use the following for work ex

Recording work experience

16-19 study programmes include a work experience element which must be recorded on the ILR.

  • Record the work experience element using the learning aim reference ZWRKX001 (Work experience/placement) .
  • Record the work experience element of a Supported internship use the learning aim reference Z0002347 (Supported internship).

Kind regards, Anna

Clare Hancock

Thanks Anna, thats great.  Yes picked up on the Work Exp aim, thanks