Christina Marfleet

Expat child apprenticeship eligibility.



We don't get many queries around this so I would like to check, we have a learner who is a British expat who was staying in Brunei as his parent was working there for Shell BSP .This meant he was attending education in Brunei between 2019 to 2021 completing A Levels.

He has since returned to the UK, but obviously not been here 3 years, would he be eligible for an apprenticeship?

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So, was he *only* there for two years? ie, did he grow up in the UK before 2019? If so, that sounds like he was ordinarily resident in the UK and just happened to be abroad for a fixed period? And, therefore, would be fundable. You'd probably want a little note from him explaining his circumstances.

Assuming he's now 19+ as well? The 16-18 paras (P390 in 22/23) are really useful if you have young uns in a similar situation wanting to start as they don't require 3 years...

Christina Marfleet

Thank you Steveh, yes he was 19 years old.  He had applied to the Marines at 18 and was told the 3year residency was okay because of  flexibilities (if that's the right words) but was not able to continue in his application so going doing the apprenticeship route, he has since turned 19 so we are doing some further checks and hope that we can help him.