Martina Curran

Employer wrongly stops a learner on DAS


What can the employer do if they incorrectly stop a learner on DAS but the learner is still in learning?  Do they have to create a new cohort for that learner?  


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Ben James

Yes they will, but first they'll need to go back into DAS and revise the stop date they've used to match the learner's start date - effectively nullifying that entry. They can then create another (new) record for the learner on DAS, and hopefully not incorrectly stop that one!

Ray Davies

Follow up question - can the employer actually revise a stop month once they have put one in ? I didn't think they could ?

Ben James

They can, yes. See the data mismatch errors guide;

Data lock 10

The employer stopped payments for this apprentice.

You should only stop an apprenticeship when the apprentice has completely withdrawn from their apprenticeship. If you have a data lock 10 after an apprentice has withdrawn, check that the training provider has updated the completion status on the ILR.

If the employer stopped the apprenticeship by accident, they need to start a new apprenticeship record and backdate the stopped record to its start date.

Ray Davies

Ah yes, so if they stopped a learner from July they can't go back in and just change the stop month to April, they have to create a new entry.

Ben James

On the basis that the guidance above advises backdating stops is possible, I'd imagine they could change it back to April, they just couldn't remove the stop altogether - that would require backdating to the start and adding a new entry.

Ben James

As a follow-up, I've confirmed this with the service desk (I used an example where the stop date used was August, but it should've been June);

It's also worth noting that when applying the stop date, the employer should be using the month after the apprentice left e.g., if they left on May 23rd, they should apply a stop as of June because DAS defaults to the first of the month, and if they use May the provider won't get paid for that month.

Darren Hands

If a provider had to take the stop back to the original start date and new apprenticeship record needs to be created, does that mean that the by doing so, the original reservation of funds still stands?  I was under the impression that reservations couldn't be backdated so if this isn't the case, I can't quite see how this would work.