Helen Bryant

Gardening leave



If an apprentice has been put on gardening leave until the end of this month, do we count that date as the date they left their employer? Or should we be using the day they physically left? There is a difference of opinion within our team so if anyone is able to offer a definitive answer it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Helen


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Martin West

Neither as you must record the last day in learning.

Ruth Canham-James

Actual End Date is as Martin says, you have to have evidence of learning. If you mean what date a new Employment History record would start (be it another employed status, or unemployed), I'd say that's the date their employment contract ended.

Helen Bryant

Thanks Martin & Ruth for your replies. I should've explained that my query was to do with what date to use in terms of the 30 day gap in employment rule. So Ruth, your advice would be to use the date that their employment contract ended and begin the 30 day countdown from then?

Martin West

It should still be the last day in learning that you record, you also must consider that the active learning must take place at least every 4 weeks rule (or a break in learning must be used) may kick in first, you cannot take each rule in isolation.

Helen Bryant

Thank you Martin.