Achdate_12 ILR Error


Hi all,

we keep getting 1 error appearing for an apprentice for the above.

Actual end date on ZPROG of the 27/07/2022 and achievement date has been populated with the 05/08/2022, both in the 21/22 ILR.

The FAM 'date to' matches the 05/08/2022.

Is it erroring because the 05/08/2022 achievement date is classed as 22/23 and so therefore needs to be rolled over in next academic year?

I cant see any other issues as to why its erroring.

Many thanks


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Martin West

Yes that is the issue.


Thank you Martin

Lisa Margach

I am also getting this same error, the learner had their last day of the practical period in July so I have coded the P13 ILR submission with this as the actual end date and coded as a 2 and 8, and they achieved EPA in August so I cannot put the actual end date in the P13 ILR but I am still getting this error, I cannot put the August actual end date in the P13 21/22 ILR.  How have you resolved this error?  


Martin West

R13/R14 represent the position as at 31/07/2022 so you do not enter anything after that date, should be completion status 1 and outcome 8 but no achievement date as this would be updated in R01.