Zaheer Patel

OTJ following end date


Hello All, If a learner has exceeded their planned end date, must the planned OTJ hours be increased in line with their overend date?

I agree that the learner would in any case be doing further OTJ but is this increase required for compliance purposes?


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Ben James

No, the planned OTJ hours should remain as they were at the beginning. The first step on the flowchart at the end of P54 asks;

1. Has the ORIGINAL VOLUME of off-the-job training hours (or more) been delivered by the end of the practical period?

Note: The original volume is the volume agreed with the employer at the beginning of the programme. This must have equated to at least 20% of the apprentices time on programme over the PLANNED DURATION (less statutory leave)

If the answer to this question is yes, you're not required to provide any additional rationale