Erica Phelpstead

Funding not received and ESFA agreement not signed


Hi we have had an issue where an apprentice moved employers and despite everything looking in order in both AS accounts and the ILR no payments are being received. This has been logged with helpdesk for many weeks now and no response.  The new employer has just realised they had not signed the latest agreement. Would this withhold funding?


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Ben James

Most likely, yes. Until the agreement is signed, functionality within the account is limited and funds will not be accessible. It's worth noting that, depending on the structure of their organisation and how they've been set up on the service, only certain personnel would (potentially) have access to sign. Review the employer agreement – Apprenticeship Service Support (

The employer agreement is a legal contract between your organisation and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). You must accept and follow it to access government funding for training and assessing apprentices.